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Casein from Cheese is Great for Your Teeth
Posted on 9/7/2020 by Sundberg Office
Casein from Cheese is Great for Your TeethWhen it comes to oral health, the foods and drinks that we consume are as important as brushing twice a day and flossing daily. Some foods, such as breads and sugary candies, are terrible for our patients' teeth and gums. Other foods can benefit oral health, either because of their nutritional value or because they prompt the generation of saliva. Casein is a protein that is found in cheese and other dairy products, and it contributes greatly to a patient's oral health as well as their overall health. (Note that casein is a dairy protein and may not be suitable for patients with dairy allergies. Our team urges patients with dairy allergies to contact either our office or their primary care provider to discuss either alternatives to dairy proteins or ways to prevent or treat the allergic reactions.)

Oral Health Benefits of Casein

Casein combats acid erosion by neutralizing some of the acids from acidic foods and drinks. This effect protects teeth's enamel. Casein also works well with calcium to repair cavities. And casein can prevent cavity-forming harmful bacteria from sticking to teeth. Studies have shown that casein can desensitize teeth as well, reducing a patient's pain and discomfort.

Other Benefits of Casein

Casein's benefits aren't limited to oral health. Casein breaks down into several necessary amino acids. Digesting casein is a slow process, making the patient feel satiated for a longer period of time and assisting in weight loss. Casein can also promote muscle growth and increase energy levels, two vital properties for athletes. Casein can contribute to a healthy metabolism. The peptides in casein can lower blood pressure and reduce blood clots in the body. Studies show that casein can boost the immune system as well. If you are interested in improving your diet for better oral health, call our office for a consultation.
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