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Why Celery is One of the Best Natural Toothbrushes Out There
Posted on 8/10/2020 by Sundberg Office
Why Celery is One of the Best Natural Toothbrushes Out ThereCelery as a toothbrush? Even though it's not a substitute for a regular brush and a toothpaste made of fluoride, celery has been found to be an excellent cleanser for your teeth. It has a host of natural ingredients that not only clean, but also nourish the teeth.

How Does Celery Clean the Teeth?

When your teeth gently chew on celery, it's also working on your teeth by cleaning them. Celery has been found to clean not just the exterior surfaces but the spaces between the teeth as well. It gets rid of food debris and other substances that foster the growth of bacteria. This wondrous vegetable also nourishes your gum, protecting it from infections and diseases.

Other Ways Your Teeth Benefit from Celery

Celery also works in other ways for the overall protection and nourishment of your teeth. Rich in vitamins A and C, it strengthens the structure of your teeth and prevents them from becoming unstable. Celery is also known to have an excellent amount of fiber in it. This helps in your fight against losing your teeth from natural causes or infections. The versatile vegetable while fighting bacteria and virus using its sodium, also ensures that there is no inflammation. Since it works to prevent the formation of bacteria and infections, the vegetable low in calories has also been found to prevent bad breath.

Should I Substitute My Toothbrush for Celery?

Our dentists are not suggesting that you change your oral healthcare routine by substituting your brush and paste for celery. What they are recommending is that it would be beneficial to add celery to your diet on a regular basis. Among the many obvious benefits to your whole body, it clearly also has demonstrable positive effects on your mouth too.
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