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Do You Need to Replace a Broken Dental Veneer?

Posted on 1/20/2020 by Sundberg Office
Do You Need to Replace a Broken Dental Veneer?Veneers are ceramic “teeth” that are attached to the front of your actual teeth to make your smile look amazing. They're not real teeth, though. They're flat, so they don't offer the full surface for chewing or biting.

However, they do hide cracks, chips, and discoloration, so they can transform your smile. They're a way of hiding these imperfections instead of replacing all or some of your natural teeth. While veneers are made out of very durable materials, it's still possible to break one. What do you do if that happens?

You Need to Get it Replaced Quickly

Breaking a dental veneer isn't something you can pretend never happened. It can cause a number of oral health issues. If the veneer broke instead of completely falling off, it can leave behind broken shards attached to your tooth. You could accidentally cut your tongue, lip, or cheek on these sharp pieces of debris. You can't simply pull these chipped bits off, either. You have to make an appointment to come in and see us for a new veneer.

If your veneer completely fell off, you likewise can't stick it back on using any over-the-counter adhesive. You'll need to have it professionally re-attached to the front of the tooth.

The Weakened Front of the Tooth Is Exposed

When you have veneers installed, it's likely you had to have the front of the tooth cut back just a bit. This is so the veneers don't stick out further than your natural teeth did. However, this procedure does leave the front of your teeth with less enamel on them, making it easier for bacteria to wear away what's left of the protective coat. This means the tooth that no longer has the veneer on it is at risk of tooth decay.

Have you lost or broken a veneer? Call us today to make an appointment to have it repaired.
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