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How Excuses to Avoid Flossing Hurts Your Entire Body

Posted on 12/20/2019 by Sundberg Office
How Excuses to Avoid Flossing Hurts Your Entire BodyWe can all get busy with our daily routines and if you are the type that gets up early to make breakfast or exercise, it can be very easy to skip that floss sitting on your shelf.

There are many other reasons people avoid flossing and some of them are legitimate, but most aren't. Flossing is a crucial part of protecting your teeth, gums, and the rest of your body. There are many connections between oral health and physical health. Below you will find a few eye openers.

How Flossing Improves Your Life

You probably didn't know that flossing can protect your heart, many people don't understand how your teeth can somehow protect your heart. To give you an example, researchers at the Hiroshima University did a study and found that those people who had fewer than 24 of their own teeth left had increased health risks. It made them over 50% higher at risk of having a stroke.

The Journal of Periodontology had another study showing gum disease was 7 times more common in those men that had erectile dysfunction. That usually is information that motivates most men when they learn its connection. Flossing also helps with hormonal symptoms, joint pain, and minimizes infections.

How You Can Floss Effectively

Find the type of floss that you like. If you like it, you'll probably use it. It comes in all different shapes and sizes; they also have different flavors. The easiest to fit into the back of your mouth when flossing your molars is by using the floss pick type that looks like the letter Y. They allow you too easily with one hand slide in and out of your molars. At minimum, floss once per day.

Go in between each tooth and don't forget to floss both sides of the tooth when you get the string in between them. By just correctly flossing every day, your odds of having gum disease and cavities drop tremendously.
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