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Gum Disease Can Leave You Feeling Constantly Drained

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Sundberg Office
Gum Disease Can Leave You Feeling Constantly DrainedSome people suffer from constantly feeling tired, known as chronic fatigue. While chronic fatigue is a symptom of many illnesses, chronic fatigue is also a symptom of gum disease.

Sometimes it takes an article like this to realize that the toothache you have been putting off is contributing to your fatigue. If you are having slight issues like a toothache, bad breath, or sensitive teeth, and you are constantly taking breaks, give us a call. It can help to have us take a look at your current oral health. If you're still on the fence. Continue reading.

How Can Something in My Mouth Make Me Sleepy?

If you have gum disease in your mouth, there will be an increase in white blood cells, they are attacking the bacteria in your mouth. This means there will also be much less of the red blood cells circulate through your body. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the rest of every cell in you. So if you are getting less oxygen throughout your body, it makes sense it would slow you down.

Gum Diseases Effect on the Whole Body

We already covered how gum disease can affect the blood and the carrying of oxygen to the body. But having an infection orally also means it will affect your immune system. When alerted and on guard, it creates stress and fatigue in the body. Studies show that chronic infection will also cause the clotting mechanism in your blood to react. When this happens, your blood is thicker, the harder the heart will need to pump to push blood throughout your body. So it's obvious to conclude that if the heart is working harder to circulate, it will create fatigue in your life.

Something most people don't understand is letting an infection like gum disease go and hope it will address itself causes your body's natural defense mechanism to engage. Gum disease can also affect your major organs, particularly the heart. Having aggressive bacteria in the mouth can easily get into the bloodstream affecting every cell and causing you fatigue. Our staff can diagnose the problem, address it, and get you back running on all cylinders. Call us today.
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