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Things to Have in a Dental Emergency Kit

Posted on 2/20/2019 by Sundberg Office
Things to Have in a Dental Emergency KitIf you are a parent of an active child, or engage in many sporting activities yourself, you may want to carry a medical kit around with you just in case of injury or illness.

It is vital to be prepared, since medical responses can never be as immediate as your own preparations. But are you properly stocked for dental crises? Here are some items you should make sure to have in your dental emergency kit.

Pain Relief
Naturally, you should carry around oral numbing and pain cessation products in your kit, to help assuage any discomfort you may experience during your dental emergency. Make sure you pick one that is safe to use, has convenient instructions and guidelines for use, and can be accessed easily without excessive delay.

Temporary Parts
Make sure your kit contains short-term replacements for common injuries. Get some dental cement to bind crowns and chips in place until a professional can treat them, and temporary fillings to use to help keep your teeth properly aligned and not at risk of greater damage. Dental wax is another must-have, as it can be used as a soft-set binding agent for sensitive regions of your mouth, as well as lubricant and shielding from detritus when applied directly to the site.

Back to the Basics
Other things to include are basic sundries that may be useful during an emergency. Carry cotton balls, Q-tips, and sterile gauze for cleaning and packing wounds safely. It is also a good idea to carry a spare toothbrush, a box of floss, and some gentle mouthwash for oral problems that may crop up while you are away from your normal stand-ins.

Be prepared for emergencies and take steps to avoid them, including using proper safety gear and carrying a medical kit for when they do arise. Nothing should replace your trip to our office immediately after an emergency, but having the supplies available to take immediate care of your teeth before visiting may spell the difference between a full recovery and a regrettable loss.

Give us a call immediately if you are currently experiencing a dental emergency, or just would like advice on what else to pack in your kit.

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