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Can You Damage Your Teeth By Whitening Them Too Often?

Posted on 12/10/2018 by Sundberg Office
Can You Damage Your Teeth By Whitening Them Too Often?You want your smile to stay beautiful and opalescent, but how often should you be whitening them? Is it possible that you are damaging your teeth with too many whitening treatments?

The Transparent Facts

One of the biggest risks of over-whitening your teeth is permanent discoloration – but not of the darkened or stained variety, but instead the exact opposite, over-lightening. Exceeding the recommended treatment amount or using the treatment too frequently can cause the enamel of your teeth to become thin, taking on a bluish hue or even appearing to be transparent. It can also “bleach" your gums, or worse irritate the tissue and cause inflammation and bleeding.

Another factor to consider is that your teeth are porous, which is why they take whitening treatments so well. This can however also lead to them absorbing too much of the chemical if exposed too frequently, which leads to weaker teeth more prone to chipping and cracking, and at a greater risk of disease.

Your enamel is a very important guardian against bacteria and other infectious agents trying to enter your mouth, and when properly treated with regular hygiene care, a healthy diet, and proper whitening, it can't be beat. Wearing away at them with overexposure to bleach and other chemicals creates a backdoor access to your nerves, allowing foreign oral invaders to thrive and multiply. Over-whitening leads to poorer dental health overall!

It is important to take care of your smile at home, and always follow the instructions on the kit's package, making sure to not exceed the scheduled amounts recommended. If you have any concerns or questions, reaching out to us for answers is always an option! We'd be happy to provide them, as well as discuss our recommendations for safe and convenient whitening products you can use at home.
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