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What Missing Teeth Do to Facial Aesthetics

Posted on 10/10/2018 by Sundberg Office
What Missing Teeth Do to Facial AestheticsMissing teeth affect more than just your ability to chew food. The teeth stimulate the jaw bone, and when they are gone, you can also experience bone loss. This can lead to a variety of changes in your facial aesthetics.

Changes in Face Shape

When teeth fall out or are extracted, the height of the jaw bone is reduced. This shortens the height of the face, and it will also create deeper vertical lines and decrease the angle near the lips. Additionally, the angles under the nose often increase, making the nose appear more pronounced.

Jowl Formation

When you experience jaw bone loss, the muscles of the lower jaw may also be affected. When attachments are impacted, the tissue can sag. This may lead to the appearance of jowls, or saggy facial structures.

Altered Bite

As you experience vertical bone loss, the way your bite fits together will also change. This can drastically alter facial aesthetics, leaving a permanent scowl on your face as the angle near the corner of the lip decreases. Even when your mouth is at rest, you can look unhappy, and your chin position may also be impacted. When the bite is altered, the chin can move forward, leading to a more aged appearance.

Appearance of the Lips

When the teeth are lost, the lips can also change in appearance. With poor support situated behind them, the lips tend to thin, and the muscles around the mouth lose tone. This leads to more wrinkles. Many patients who experience tooth and jaw bone loss also notice a more pronounced upper lip with age.

You don't have to suffer adverse effects of tooth loss. If you've lost teeth due to disease, extraction, or trauma, there are ways to replace them and to save your facial structures. Give us a call today to discuss your options.
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