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How to Fit More Yellow Vegetables into Your Diet for Better Oral Health

Posted on 9/10/2018 by Sundberg Office
How to Fit More Yellow Vegetables into Your Diet for Better Oral HealthEven if you aren't a fan of vegetables, you probably recognize their health benefits and why you should eat more of them.

Yellow vegetables like sweet corn, bell peppers, and squash can benefit your oral health and your overall wellbeing. So, you may need to get creative in order to find ways to add them to your diet.

Make Vegetable-Based Soups

Almost everyone loves soup, and a good soup is a great way to get multiple vegetable servings into your diet at once. You can puree vegetables to create a base and add in any yellow vegetables you'd like. Both cream and broth-based soups are options.

Make Your Own Sauce or Salsa

Adding in some vegetables to your sauce is a sneaky way to increase your yellow vegetable consumption. Mixing corn into your salsa on Mexican food night at home will not only give the salsa some extra flavor, but it will also increase your veggie intake. Cooking sauces like marinara might also benefit from yellow bell peppers.

Experiment with Vegetable Noodles

If you like pasta, but want to cut back on the carbohydrates, try your hand at creating yellow squash or zucchini noodles. They are easy to make with a spiralizer, which processes the vegetable into the same shape as a noodle. These 'noodles' can be treated just like pasta, so feel free to add meat, other vegetables, or your favorite sauce.

Add Them in to Smoothies

The next time you make a kale and spinach smoothie, try and add in some yellow vegetables. This will enhance the flavor and nutritional content. You can experiment until you get the right combination.
A good diet is important for good oral health, but don't forget to visit your dentist, as well. Call us today to set up your next appointment.
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