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How to Boost Healing Following Oral Biopsies

Posted on 9/20/2018 by Sundberg Office
How to Boost Healing Following Oral BiopsiesFirst of all, what is an oral biopsy? It's a medical procedure when one of our dentists removes a sample of tissue from your bums for testing. Our laboratory will test the sample and diagnose any abnormal gum tissue.

There are several different types of gum biopsy. Some are invasive and require stitches, while some are noninvasive, like a brush biopsy. But why do you need to have a biopsy? As we mentioned previously, abnormal or suspicious gum tissue can be an indication of something more serious. Disease, cancer, ulcers and sores or lesions are all reasons to consider why we may order a gum biopsy.


After the procedure, your mouth will be numb from the anesthetic that we use. After that wears off, you may be wondering what you can expect at home and hot to care for yourself. During your recovery period, which can last a few days to two weeks, you will likely be sore.

Depending on the type of biopsy we perform, our dentist may recommend that you avoid brushing near the stitches until they are removed.

Eating soft, cool foods are the best option after having this dental procedure completed. Avoid any hard foods, spicy or temperature hot and any food that may be considered abrasive. You want to take the time to be gentle with your healing mouth.

It's important to remember not to rinse, spit or brush your teeth for the first day, and avoid drinking through a straw for a few days. If pain is an issue, you may take ibuprofen in addition to any prescription pain pills we give you.

Please contact us immediately if you experience any excessive bleeding or if your gums become swollen. If your pain does not improve or you begin to have a fever or chills, please call us right away. If you have any further questions about your procedure, of course our office is always willing to help you with any concerns.
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