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How Your Mouth Benefits from Coconut Water

Posted on 12/10/2017 by Sundberg Office
Coconut Water PDX Center for Dentistry OR 97205
The foods you eat and beverage you drink has an effect not just on your body, but on your mouth's health as well. Consuming a huge amount of sugary and acidic nutriments will speed up the deterioration of your tooth enamel which leads to tooth decay and bad breath.

Coconut water is continuously gaining popularity as a substitute to electrolyte water because it contains high potassium and sodium. These two elements balance the body's supply when exerting too much energy during sports and exercise participation.

Coconut Water Keeps Your Mouth Hydrated

The problem with most sports enthusiasts is maintaining salivary production due to too much energy exertion.

When the body releases too much sweat, the mouth tends to become dry, which makes us need more water. Elite sportsmen and people who exercise hard often need to replenish the supply of water in their body in order to maintain their temperature and stamina.

Coconut water is not only a refreshing substitute, but it is also a healthier choice than sports drinks which contain too much artificial sugar. It enhances your overall health by keeping your body hydrated during intense workouts.

A Clean and Natural Substitute to Tap Water

Coconut grows in the tropics and water is enclosed in the husk which is impervious to bacteria and mold. It does not contain preservatives compared to sodas and sports drinks and the natural sweetness makes it more palatable.

Coconut water is easily absorbed by the body because it has vitamins and minerals that are in an absorbent structure. It contains lauric acid, a good compound which helps prevent bacteria from proliferating.

Coconut water also contains the anti-inflammatory compound, tannin and can be beneficial to keep your stomach lining's health in check.

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