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Is There Hidden Sugar in Your Diet?

Posted on 9/15/2017 by Sundberg Office
 Sugar PDX Center for Dentistry OR 97205
Do you have hidden sources of sugar in your diet? If so, you may be exposing your mouth to increased levels of cavities and problems simply by eating each day. A lot of people have a lot more sugar at the end of each day than they realized.

Keeping track of the known sugars is one way of getting an idea of how much you consume, but looking at the labels of all of your foods is the only way to truly know how much sugar you really consume each day.

Most Common Sources of Hidden Sugars

One of the most common sources of hidden sugar in your diet is juice. While this is good for you, in moderation, there is often a lot more sugar in a glass of juice than people realize. Try having water whenever you get thirsty, and saving the juice for special meals once or twice each week.

Salad dressing is supposed to flavor up that healthy lunch or dinner item, but it can also be a source of hidden sugars. This is especially true if your salad dressing is based on ketchup, like French dressing often is. Avoid it whenever possible, or try a small serving of oil and vinegar dressing instead.

Granola is considered a relatively healthy food, and it is usually good for the teeth, too. However, it is often very high in how much sugar it contains. Before eating another granola cereal or bar, check the label to see just how much sugar you are getting out of it. It may not be worth the snack.

If you want to find out more hidden sources of sugar in your diet, or think you may be having too much, ask us. Come in and let us take a look at your mouth. We will let you know!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (503) 928-5903 today.

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