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Do You Eat a Rainbow Diet for Better Health?

Posted on 3/13/2017 by Sundberg Office
A collection of fruits and vegetables beside each other.
Have you ever heard of eating a rainbow diet? It means that each day, you are making sure to eat foods that cover the spectrum of the rainbow in terms of color. You want to eat red, orange, yellow, green, and blue/purple produce.

Some can be fruit, but the vast majority of your produce should be in vegetable form. You should still be trying to get all of your normal servings of produce each day, you should just change up which produce options you go with regularly.

Why You Should Eat a Rainbow Diet

A rainbow diet gives you the most nutrients out of any diet that is out there. The different colored produce gives you different nutrients, not all of which are found in other food options. You want to eat at least 1-2 pieces of produce under each color category, each day.

•  Red includes apples, radishes, and tomatoes.
•  Orange includes pumpkin, oranges, and carrots.
•  Yellow yellow peppers, squash, and apricots.
•  Green includes spinach, kale, and kiwi.
•  Blue and purple include plums, berries, and eggplants.

When you get each of these colors into your daily diet, your entire mouth gets healthier. This includes your metabolism, your blood sugar, your weight, and your oral health. The wider variety of foods you opt to eat, the better off your entire body becomes.

Contact our office at your next visit about the foods you currently eat, and what he or she thinks you could benefit most from going into the future. Let your dentist see what things are awry in your mouth, and let them recommend certain foods to help get those areas of your mouth under better control.

The foods you eat impact the health of your entire body, so for the sake of a healthy mouth, eat a rainbow of produce each day!

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