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Hidden Sources of Sugar In Your Diet

Posted on 2/25/2017 by Sundberg Office
A pile of dried raisins.
If you watch your diet closely, then you likely know that sugar is an easy item to slip past most people. It can come in many of the foods we eat and drink on a daily basis. Trying to cut down the amount of sugar you consume is difficult, but it can help to better your overall oral health. Take a peek at these hidden sources of sugar, and see if any of them could be hiding in foods you regularly consume.

Sugar Hiding in Plain Sight

There are quite a few sources of sugar that people don't necessarily think about. Consider milk. Have you ever looked at the label? If not, go look and see that it is one of the more common sources of hidden sugar. Same goes with yogurt. While it may be healthy, it is also quite sugary.

Healthy cereals and snacks like granola often have a significant amount of sugar in them. It is usually part of the binding agent that holds the pieces together, or give the bars their shape.

Sauces that you use regularly often contain sugar. Ketchup, mayo, BBQ sauce, and even salad dressing all contain significant amounts of sugar in them. Pasta sauce is another common culprit that can add a lot of sugar into your day if you aren't careful.

Dried fruits are often coated in sugar. In some instances, like raisins, the sugar can be easy to see. However, not all dried fruits use granules of sugar, some simply coat them in a sweet glaze.

Cutting down on your sugar intake is important. It helps to keep you healthier all around, and it improves your oral health. Contact our office about how else to keep sugar to a minimum in your day.

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