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How Straws Help Avoid Tooth Stains

Posted on 9/27/2016 by Sundberg Office
A teenage girl drinking juice with a straw.You probably already know that certain kinds of foods and drinks can stain your teeth. For years we have heard that if you drink coffee, tea, or wine, you will have to spend money on expensive whitening products to counteract the stain from those beverages.

While it is true that these beverages have a tendency to discolor your teeth over a period of time, the good news is that you can reduce this effect and make your whitening treatments last a little bit longer by using a straw to drink your liquids.

Protect Your Front Teeth

A straw will allow you to enjoy your beverages while protecting your teeth by moving the liquid past the teeth without touching them. Normally, when you take a drink, the liquid moves over your front teeth on its way to your mouth. However, if you use a straw, you can skip that part and keep your teeth looking whiter, longer.

Exercise Caution
Remember that some drinks can burn you, so if you are using a straw to drink a hot drink such as coffee or tea, make sure that you exercise caution. Perhaps use a narrower straw so the liquid has time to cool slightly on its way to your mouth; or, perhaps you could simply let your drink cool a bit before you begin to enjoy it. Either way, take steps to protect your teeth, but also be careful to avoid burning yourself.

We Are Here To Answer Your Questions
If you have any questions about protecting your teeth from stains or whitening your smile, we are here to help you out. Please contact our office or send us an email, or even drop by the office for a visit. We look forward to hearing from you!

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