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You Can Save Your Natural Teeth!

Posted on 6/20/2016 by Sundberg Office
An elderly woman receiving a root canal.With all of the advances in the field of dentistry, there are now more options available to help you save your natural teeth than ever before.

Just because you're getting older doesn't mean that you have to experience tooth loss. If your tooth is damaged or injured, there are several tips and treatments that can help to restore it.

Choose a Root Canal

If your tooth has been damaged due to trauma or has significant decay, your dentist may give you two options - a root canal to save the tooth or an extraction. If you are given this choice you should always choose a root canal.

Saving your natural tooth will help you to keep a normal biting force and will limit the need for more dental work in the future. Additionally, there isn't an implant, bridge, or denture available that functions and feels like a natural tooth.

Some patients make the mistake of choosing extraction because of two myths - they think it will be cheaper and less painful than a root canal. In regards to the cost, it is important to note that while upfront costs might be lower with an extraction, long-term costs are usually higher.

Modern techniques and anesthesia have also made root canal therapy virtually painless, so you should never let your fear of discomfort prevent you from pursuing a root canal.

See an Endodontist

If your dentist tells you that a root canal and saving the tooth isn't an option, you might want to get a second opinion with an endodontist. These dental specialists work to save the teeth, and they are experts at diagnosing tooth pain. They also use advanced equipment that can treat your tooth comfortably and quickly, allowing you to save your natural tooth.

Do you have questions about how you can save your tooth? Contact our office today.
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